Research papers

Research papers

The Research paper series was launched in 2014 with the aim of supporting the annual report, integrating and developing certain specific topical issues. Over the years, the series has become an in-depth tool available to stakeholders in the Italian healthcare system.


03/2021 Desafios e Oportunidades do Sistema de Saúde Português .pdf
03/2021 Challenges and opportunities of the Portuguese Health System .pdf
02/2021 Healthcare accounts: 2020 results and future prospects (available in Italian language only) .pdf
01/2021 Społeczno-ekonomiczne uwarunkowania stanu zdrowia w Polsce .pdf
01/2021 Socio-economic determinants of health status in Poland .pdf


03/2020 Défis et opportunités du système de santé français .pdf
03/2020 The French health care system: challenges and opportunities .pdf
02/2020 Healthy parents, healthy sons: a descriptive analysis of health status intergenerational transmission in Italy .pdf
01/2020 Report Summary 2019 .pdf