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Rome, 20-28 November 2015

The historical and social impact of modern immigration on healthcare. The new pilgrims. (1st stop)

Within the splendid setting of the Galleria del Cembalo, the Farmafactoring Foundation presented the photographic exhibition entitled "The new pilgrims. The historical and social impact of modern immigration on healthcare".

Farmafactoring Foundation strongly pushed for the project, which arose from research carried out by Censis focusing on the phenomenon through socio-economic analysis. It showed a positive model of coexistence which has decisive pillars in healthcare locations, as they are places for the expression and sedimentation of shared behaviours.

Marco Rabuffi, President of the Farmafactoring Foundation, explained, "We have decided to combine Censis research with a photographic exhibition capable of recounting daily aspects in small and large Italian healthcare facilities. The photographers focused on the realities of the South, Centre and North, supported by three junior photographers. It is interesting to note how the quality of healthcare is very different, and above all better, than how it is often described. There is often excellent care, the facilities are usually of good quality, in the vast majority of cases there is a tendency towards acceptance that manages to overcome the natural discomfort of human, social and cultural differences. And the human relationship often helps to avoid also adding the discomfort of one's immigrant condition to the suffering of the sickness".

The photographers' task was to give visibility not only to the faces, people and situations, but also to the places where assistance is offered, paying particular attention to any "signs" of change related to the presence of migrants.

The visions of the three junior photographers are also interesting: the shots by Giulia Piermartiri, Irene Carmassi and Marcella Magalotti complete the journey in modern immigration in healthcare locations: three young photographers passionate about their work who joined the three professional photographers to search for a modern and immediate language to express the personal and social impact of this particular aspect of "the new pilgrims". Their images tell the story of an experience full of a thousand contrasts, but united by the shared sense of humanity.

The exhibition has obtained the patronage of the Ministry of Health.