Farmafactoring Foundation supports university research under 35


The Farmafactoring Foundation has been encouraging research in the field of Italian healthcare economics for several years. In particular, we aim to support young researchers under the age of 35 who are unstructured within academic or research institutions.

In recent years the Farmafactoring Foundation has collaborated with the Italian Association of Health Economics (AIES) and the Italian Academy of Business Economics (AIDEA), rewarding the best articles published by Italian authors in international journals the previous year in relation to two areas: Economics and Management.



Di Novi Cinzia, Piacenza Massimiliano, Robone Silvana & Turati Gilberto (2019). “Does fiscal decentralization affect regional disparities in health? Quasi-experimental evidence from Ital”y. Regional Science and Urban Economics, 78, 103465.


"Does the extension of primary care practice opening hours reduce the use of emergency services?"
Matteo Lippi Bruni , Irene Mammi, Cristina Ugolini. 
Journal of Health Economics 50 (2016) 144–155

"Targeting frequent users of emergency departments: Prominent risk factors and policy implications"
Lucia Leporatti, Marta Ameria, Chiara Trinchero, Patrizia Orcamo,Marcello Montefiori.
Health Policy 120 (2016) 462–470


"Zero-revenue IPOs"
Signori Andrea

"The role of board educational and functional background heterogeneity for firm innovation: lessons from the high- tech context"
Fabrizia Sarto e Sara Saggese

"Utilizzo del mobile in-store: come cambia il comportamento dello shopper tra programmato e impulso"
Silvia Bellini e Simone Aiolfi


Per la categoria Economics:

"Does informal care impact utilization of healthcare services? Evidence from a longitudinal study of stroke patients."  
Torbica A et al. Social Science & Medicine. 2015; 124; 29-38

Per la categoria Management:

"The relationship between senior management team culture and clinical governance: Empirical investigation and managerial implications."
Prenestini,A et al. Health Care Management Review: October/December 2015 - Volume 40 - Issue 4 - p 313–323


How has the financial crisis affected earnings management? A European study; pubblicato in Applied Economics, 2015,Vol. 47, No. 3, 302–317.
Dott. Riccardo Cimini

Intellectual capital disclosure in integrated reporting: an impression management analysis; pubblicato in Journal of Intellectual Capital, Vol. 16, No. 3, 661–680.
Dott.ssa Gaia Melloni


"The role of GP's compensation schemes in diabetes care: Evidence from panel data"
Elisa Iezzi, Matteo Lippi Bruni and Cristina Ugolini
Journal of Health Economics, 2014, 34, pp. 104 - 120

"Multiprofessional Primary Care Units: What Affects the Clinical Performance of   General Practitioners?"
Patrizio Armeni, Amelia Compagni and Francesco Longo
Medical Care Research and Review, August 2014, 71, pp. 315 – 336.


"Drivers of Fair Value Choice under IFRS in the Anglo-Saxon and Continental European Contexts"
Marco Fasan

"Powerful CEOs and IPO value: what is the role of leadership in family firms?"
Alessandro Cirillo


"Life expectancy, schooling, and lifetime labor supply: theory and evidence revisited"
Cervellati M. and Sunde U.
Econometrica, Vol. 81, No. 5, pp. 2055-2086

"Dynamics of hospital competition: Social network analysis in the Italian National Health Service"
Mascia D. e Di Vincenzo, F.
Health Care Management Review, Vol 38, No.3, p 234-247


"The institutionalization of Social and Enviromental reporting: an Italian Narrative"
Massimo Contraffatto

"How do authenticity dramas develop? An analysis of Afterhours fans' responses to the band's participation in the Sanremo Music Festival"
Matteo Corciolani

"The impact of monetary policy announcements on the stock price of large European banks during the financial crisis"
Ornella Ricci

"Do stakeholder expectation shape organizational intellectual captal reports?"
Stefania Veltri




Competition and the Reference Pricing Scheme for pharmaceuticals
Simone Ghislandi
Journal of Health Economics
Volume 30, Issue 6, December 2011, Pages 1137/1149

Understanding hospital performance: The role of network ties and patterns of competition
Daniele Mascia e Fausto Di Vincenzo
Health Care Management review
36(4):327-337, October/December 2011


La crescita delle imprese attraverso operazioni di spin-off: l'impatto dei media sul comportamento degli investitori
Anna Graziano



The influence of traffic-related pollution on individuals' life-style: results from the BRFSS
Cinzia Di Novi
Health Economics
Volume 19, Issue 11, pages 13181344, November 2010

Changing the way the elderly live: Evidence from the home health care market in the United States
Chiara Orsini
Journal of Public Economics
Volume 94, Issues 1-2, February 2010, Pages 142-152

A life-cycle approach to the analysis of the relationship between social capital and health in Britain
Francesca Borgonovi
Social Science and Medicine. 2010 Dec;71(11):1927-34


Strategie di specializzazione e diversificazione, complessità dei servizi ed effetti sulle performance dei reparti ospedalieri
Laura Mariani

L'orientamendo dialogico e relazionale delle imprese alberghiere italiane sul web. Uno studio pilota
Stefania Romenti, Roberta Minazzi, Grazie Murtarelli



International perspectives on backsourcing in health: Is it just a merry-go-round?
Macinati, Manuela S.; Young, Suzanne 
Health Care Management Review.
34(4):372-382, October/December 2009

Third degree waiting time discrimination: optimal allocation of a public sector healthcare treatment under rationing by waiting
Hugh Gravelle and Luigi Siciliani
Health Economics, Volume 18, Issue 8


Economicità, mutualità e sussidiarietà delle imprese cooperative e sociali
Laura Michelini e Daniela Fiorentino, Univ LUMSA

Produttività e valutazione delle performance
Cinzia Lombardo, Centro di Economia Regionale, dei trasporti e del Turismo - Univ Bocconi