About us


Farmafactoring Foundation is a benchmark for the studies and analyses of Italian society in relation to the evolution of the healthcare system and the world of welfare.


The Foundation is active in Italy, involving teachers and schools in its initiatives in order to share projects and achievements which are comprehensively connected to the broader context of the healthcare system.
Farmafactoring Foundation has been collaborating with important associations for several years now through the identification and distinction of the best Economics and Management articles published in international journals by young Italian researchers under the age of 35.
Through the research papers and reports prepared by the Scientific Committee, also in collaboration with Censis and Cergas-Bocconi, we continuously monitor the evolution of the healthcare system in close connection with the social context.
Every year, the Farmafactoring Foundation organises events to discuss research topics with the heads of health boards, hospital managers and national and regional policy makers.
We conduct original analyses and studies: useful tools for operators in the healthcare sector.



Farmafactoring Foundation was established in 1993 with the aim of uniting the cultural and planning activities that were being carried out for some time by Farmafactoring (which became Banca Farmafactoring in 2013 and is now the BFF Banking Group) under a single entity, to enhance and leverage them, promoting an organic commitment and a dedicated structure.

In fact, the Article 2 of the Articles of Association emphasises that Farmafactoring Foundation's mission is to "foster a circuit of knowledge and operational approaches for the development of civil society in relation to scientific and economic communities". The Foundation therefore aims to become a reference institution in responding to the needs of citizens and society, defined as the "welfare community", through a multicultural and multidisciplinary approach, also using the innovative know-how of BFF Banking Group in the financial field.